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>Bespoke business application

Every business is different and specific. Having an unconventional internal structure or needing solutions out of the box is something we have expertise in. We realize how companies’ departments and needs differ and that is why we aim to provide the best software solutions, applications and systems for our clients. Adjusting an existent platform does not always work in the expected way.


Flat Rock is ready to create a business solution that will meet your needs exactly and serve you in the best possible way. We will make the unconventional unique and transform it in an easy to use and track bespoke system that will answer all the specifications and requirements you have.


For more information about Flat Rock bespoke business application solutions, you are welcome to contact us.

SportScore is your gate to the latest news in the Premier League championship.
Safely store all your insurances in one place.
SwiftShift is a social platform that provides access to both companies and their shift workers.
Doppio is a coffee warehouse where all coffee lovers and businesses can find everything they need.
2048 PD is a clone of the original game created by Gabriele Cirulli.

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