Many perceive Extranet to be the natural continuation of a company intranet system to the outside world. Actually, they are right. While intranet allows you to communicate inside your company, extranet extends that network to all the customers and partners you have.


You can connect your business or institution to a whole network for sharing information, files and comments, communication, organizational activities and many more while in the same time enjoy the security Flat Rock have developed for you.


Flat Rock Technology offers variety of intranet and extranet solutions including Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS and WSS), bespoke solutions (.NET and PHP) and open source solutions.


For more information about Flat Rock extranet solutions, you are welcome to contact us.

SwiftShift is a social platform that provides access to both companies and their shift workers.
Doppio is a coffee warehouse where all coffee lovers and businesses can find everything they need.
2048 PD is a clone of the original game created by Gabriele Cirulli.
A portal, where My Talking Pet community would be able to share their favourite videos.
A mobile application, which allows you to take a photo of your favourite pet.

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