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Modern technology has really advanced and companies use intranet more and more to manage their internal company communications.


Intranet and Extranet solutions use the same technology as the Internet, but this facility is confined within a particular organization and its branches such as suppliers, supply chains and customers. It is protected from the outside world and allows access to your company employees or business partners only.


Typical functionality includes shared calendars, news and events, discussion groups, knowledge management, file sharing, corporate phone book, automated processes etc.


Flat Rock Technology offers variety of intranet and extranet solutions including Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS and WSS), bespoke solutions (.NET and PHP) and open source solutions.


Moreover, you can choose Flat Rock own corporate Intranet system Oxygen. It is an Intranet portal designed to enable and facilitate corporate communication. More information on Oxygen you can find here.


For more information about Flat Rock intranet solutions, you are welcome to contact us.

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