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Mobile technologies have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Businesses and individuals depend on their mobile devices for their daily tasks such as checking emails, having conference calls, contacting clients and vendors, organizing data, watching video, listening to music, playing games and many more. Smartphones are widely available, which leads to a rapid development and demand for mobile applications.


Mobile applications can alleviate the communication between your business and your customers and Flat Rock can build it in a user-friendly data processing way.


Flat Rock realises the needs of this market segment and is developing a range of software solutions for handheld devices to fit your and your customers’ specific needs. We provide custom mobile applications for:

  • Android devices
  • iPhone/iPad



Indisputably, Android is one of the leading mobile operating systems featuring hundreds of thousands of applications on a wide range of devices - smartphones, tablets, e-book readers. Flat Rock mobile application specialists develop various Android applications ranging from news, videos to GPS location and information apps. Check regularly our portfolio for latest additions or contact us  for relevant examples.



There is no single person using technology who has not heard of the Apple products. iPhone 6 is the latest smartphone featuring iOS. Millions over the world engage in games, business and communication via their smartphone device. Not having an iPhone application deprives you from gaining more customers and wider exposure. It also allows you to build a flexible audience that you can update with your activities on the go. Flat Rock develops a range of simple and complex iPhone applications at competitive rates.



Swift is an object-oriented language created by Apple. It is used for the development of applications for iOS, OS X, and watchOS. Swift language is built to avoid erroneous code and to make it safer than Objective C. Built with the LLVM compiler framework in Xcode 6, it uses the Objective C runtime, allowing C, Objective C, C++ and Swift to run within a single program.


Hybrid technology solutions:

Apart from native development techniques, our team has also experience in the app development using hybrid technology. If you have to create an app for more than one platform, probably that is the best choice considering the time and budget limitations. That allows faster development and at the same time it does not compromise with the speed and the experience when using the app. Another advantage is that once you build your first app using hybrid technology, every following app for other platforms, will cost you only 30% of the initial price.



For more information about Flat Rock mobile applications solutions, you are welcome to contact us


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