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Publishing of multimedia messages directly from the phone to the website

What is MMS? What MMS protocols exist? How does the MMS work? What is SMIL?


All the answers to these questions you can find in the research review of Publishing of multimedia messages directly from the phone to the website by Flat Rock’s senior PHP developer Assitant Professor PhD. Eng. Nikolay Raychev.


In his article he talks about his newest project that will allow the publishing of MMS messages directly from the phone to your website so you will be able anytime anywhere to update content and upload images and videos.


The research pays attention and explains the nature of the MMS and how it works as well as what the project aims at and what means are used to achieve that.


The project expands the possibilities of the multimedia because it allows for the initiation of new multimedia services on any server. The designed system lets the users upload images to websites in real time. In addition, it can execute commands on the server (restart, Wake-on-LAN, etc.), send cheap SMS messages (via a free Internet SMS service) or be used in online games.


The application technique uses HTTP POST to transmit the received MMS message content to a script file running on another web server. The HTTP POST format that is used is the same format for “HTTP File Upload” (multipart/form-data) from an HTML form, with particular considerations to make it easier to process the HTTP POST using the PHP scripting language.


You can see a DEMO of the system here.


Also, you can download the article in full below.


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