Do Cats and Mobile Games Mix?

By Teodora, Quality assurance specialist at Flat Rock

If you dared to ask this question at a party several years ago, people would probably give you a strange look and then walk away. If you ask it now, however, you will probably have to spend the night looking at people’s videos of their cats playing on the latest app for cats.

Yes, cats and mobile games are the new hot trend that no one can get enough of.

Without a doubt, cats are intelligent and amusing creatures, who love to play and chase things. If you are tired of hiding your socks or there are cat toys under all of your furniture, you may try to entertain your energetic furry friend with some of these apps, designed especially for cats:

› Cat fishing and Cat fishing 2 (free iOS apps)

Definitely it is one of the most popular games out there. It was developed by Friskies and quickly won a great number of fans amongst both cats and their humans. The felines are entertained by chasing colourful fish that swim in a pond. Friskies also put on the market another set of fun games:

JitterBug (free iOS app)

If your cat has a thing for bugs, but dragging them inside is not allowed, this app will be a total hit for both of you. Certainly try the Game mode, where your cat will be tested in 5 rounds (15 seconds each) to catch as many bugs as possible. You can than brag about it on Facebook by sharing the score.

› Tasty Treasures Hunt and Party Mix-Up! (free iOS apps)

You have a cat that is always hungry? No problem with that. If it is constantly looking for the next delicious treat just play any of these tasty looking apps and leave them chase the goodies flying around the screen for a while.

› Catch the Mouse (iOS app – $0.99)

This game is very simple and this is what makes it a total hit amongst cats. They just love trying to catch that mouse. Their instincts as hunters will be further provoked by the authentically real sounds the mouse makes.

› Laser Chase (Android app – free)

If you do not have enough time to play with your cat, but you want to keep it amused (and exhausted) this app may be the answer to your prayers. They will not be able to resist the urge to catch that vicious red dot.

› Cat Playground (Android app – $1.99)

If you liked all of the mentioned ideas and are an Android user, you can simply choose to purchase the whole package and get several games in one app. It will entertain your kitty on several levels – fishing (with a splashing sound effect), mouse hunting, laser pointer chasing and a Whack a mouse game.

Recently Flat Rock worked on another pet related app for Android and iOS:

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