Email Marketing – Why You Should Use It

Lead generation techniques have been a hot topic for quite some time. Even though a lot of people are denying the power of email campaigns these days, they are still on the top when talking about effective digital marketing. But what keeps the emails from getting rusty with the years is what we will discuss in the following article.

Why emails will never grow old

Today, emails are not something special. Actually, many people have found easier and faster ways of communicating with friends or in the office. However, emails have always represented formality. Whenever you decide to contact a business partner, to initiate a meeting or simply to offer something, you are not going to do it via Skype or any other social network. You will just write an email. And that is what they are – simple and effective.

When talking about email marketing campaigns there are a few reasons why they should be considered.

→ Email campaigns are cheap and the messages stay in your inbox until the user decides to delete them (usually after reading)

→ You can personalize them and target your potential customers – you do not need to just send a simple text, you can attach files with pictures, statistics, links, etc. depending on your target groups and their interests

→ Email campaigns will allow you to build relationships by introducing yourself to prospects and later on you will have the option of receiving their feedback

83% of people check emails first on a business day

72% check their email 6 or more times a day

88% check their emails via a mobile device

Source: Constant Contact

However, in order to have an effective email marketing campaign companies should also consider the right timing. Statistics says that the best open rates tend to be seen in emails sent around lunch time (noon or 1pm). Researchers in the area advise to send mass emails in the midweek days, as Mondays are very busy and Fridays are too relaxed. However, every rule has its exception so the best way is to keep trying different options and see what works for your business.

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Email attributes
The Title

When talking about email campaigns, the aim of every company is to enlarge the number of open emails. So the first thing that the user will notice is the subject. If the title is not good enough, then no one will ever open the email and then there will be no point in putting so much effort in good email content.

There a few tips that can be used when choosing a subject for your email campaign:

→ Target your audience

→ Create curiosity

→ Put a deadline for the offer

→ Keep it funny and simple

Once the user is fascinated by the title, they will search for more information in the email itself.

The Attachment

The other important attribute is the attachment. The most common attached file is a picture of your email campaign because as we all know “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Psychologists claim that 85% to 90% of the people are eye-minded and that explains the large success of the pictures today. The image advertising is a strong tool as it creates certain mental pictures for the consumers and that encourages them to buy a product by building brand awareness at the same time.

However, using some of the email attributes may lead to being reported as spam or threaten to be deleted so it is good to be careful with the name and the size of the attached files.

About the author:

Polina Ilieva is a Solution Specialist at Flat Rock Technology and focuses on web solutions such as content management systems, e-commerce platforms and mobile applications including Windows 8, Android and iOS.



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