LinkedIn: the Social Network Phenomenon

Everyone knows that the ground, work and capital are the most vital tools in business and economics. Nevertheless, these days the community lives in a different, high-tech world. Another tool has become very important for economics. Undoubtedly, this is the information. People extract data concerning their business from multiple sources. However, everyone wants to have a special place where they can find particular information for their own industry. This can happen in a special social network, where everyone can share similar information.

These days we are witnesses of a business social network phenomenon called “LinkedIn”. Established in 2003, this social network has more than 34 million members in 200 countries. This is one of the fastest growing business social networks in the internet history. Because of its professional nature, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of valuable business information.

So the question is “Why has LinkedIn become so popular these days and what are the advantages of this social phenomenon?”

If you can spare a few hours in exploring the network, you can easily see all its positive features. Joining LinkedIn is another effective way to stimulate your business and develop relationships with potential partners. As you build your network on LinkedIn, you may start to notice an interesting phenomenon. When people view your profile and see that you have a lot of connections, they will want to connect with you even more. The more people want to connect with you, the more your network grows. Before long, you will find relationships and business opportunities within your network that you might not otherwise have had.

One of the biggest advantages is that your business friends are able to write a recommendation for you. This makes it easy to establish yourself as someone who is trustworthy and competent in their industry.

LinkedIn has another function called “Answer”. Here you can ask a question for a particular business field and someone who is an expert can offer you a professional answer. This is another perfect way to establish good business connections and to further your expertise.

You also can use the business group section. With over a 100 000 established groups, this social environment can give you yet another perfect opportunity to find more partners with similar occupations and interests, and to expand your business. The groups are another “forum” where you can ask questions similar to those found in LinkedIn Answers. However, they are only visible to the group members. Because the group is targeted at individuals who want to be members, depending on the topic of the group, you can better target your connections.

With its numerous features, LinkedIn can upgrade your relationships and give you another opportunity for expanding your business. With the possibility to stay in touch with your partners, check references, learn about your potential employees or clients and find out someone who needs your service today, this social network is the most effective way to reach another level of communication in your business industry and establish your expertise.

About the author:

Teodor Kozhuharov is a Solution Specialist at Flat Rock Technology and focuses on web solutions such as content management systems, e-commerce platforms, online marketing and business software (ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence)


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