Mixed team approach

With the world becoming more and more globalized by the day, companies strive to make the best of the available opportunities and resources. They have the full right to do so as driving costs down and efficiency up are the basic ingredients for the successful functioning and survival of businesses.

Outsourcing a job is a regular policy for those who realise the cost advantages and have reliable outsourcing partners. However, to outsource a whole division or project is not absolutely necessary if you have some resources but not enough. Many companies now use the mixed team approach to undertake larger projects or projects whose requirements go way beyond the capacity or competencies of the supplier.

What is the mixed team approach?

You can create a mixed team with your own internal team and the outsourced team you have hired. Flexibility is key in projects where many different specialists are needed, especially for a short period of time or for more diverse projects. Not having the entire workforce in house does not mean that you have to forego business opportunities. With the mixed team approach you can add one or more people to your team for the time you need them without having to employ them.

Many outsourcing companies, especially IT, SEO and marketing companies, “lend” their specialists exactly for such purposes. They adapt quickly as they are trained and experienced for such kind of jobs. In this way, any company can scale their team up and down on a very flexible basis without incurring risk or hiring additional personnel.

Benefits of mixed teams

Not only your company can benefit from experienced professionals that require little to no additional training but also adding a new team member with specific skills to your own workforce will only diversify your portfolio of offered solutions. Exchange of various skills and approaches and extending the scope of the work that you undertake can only help your team develop and gain new capabilities.

Mixed teams can be long or short-term solutions, they are easy to put together and easy to disassemble as the work conditions and business relations are clearly defined. In addition, working with a company specialized in training and arranging such specific work force, alleviates the process and provides security no freelancer can offer.

Think about the mixed team as an extended and improved version of your own team, with added capacity and skills. You can have full control over it and decide when you want it and for how long you want to use it.

If creating a mixed team seems like the right strategy for you, you can contact Flat Rock for more information. Flat Rock Technology has extensive experience in maintaining specialists for mixed teams and dedicated IT work. You are welcome to enquire.


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