Content Management System

What is Hydrogen?

Content Management System (CMS) powered by Flat Rock Technology

Simplify system management It is designed to simplify the publication of web content to your web site - in particular, allowing content creators to submit content without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files.

smart and innovative product This is a smart and innovative product, very flexible and is specially developed to serve bespoke IT solutions. It has many SEO improvements and can be developed on both PHP and .NET technology.

The below list will provide you with an

Insight into Hydrogen

and what it can offer


  • All new users and users’ sessions for a pre-defined period of time

  • Form enquiries the latest, number of enquiries received
    on the website, number of enquiries
    for a specific period of time

  • Emails section pending emails, sent emails

The dashboard will be built in a way to allow easy customization as well as ability to drag and drop, resize or move certain sections within it. Its functionality can easily be extended with the use of existing
external widgets.

Management Section

  • Secure access/login

  • Different user roles based on permissions and the ability
    to adjust and manage them

  • Users and admin management

  • Manageable system settings system emails, menus and
    website content

  • Google Analytics support

  • SEO module for easy management of
    meta data and description

  • Banner management module static and dynamic

  • Translation module for multi-language platforms

  • Management of contact enquiries

  • Maintenance mode including global messages

The above is just a suggested list of must-haves for any custom platform. As Hydrogen is a product dedicated for customizable solutions, it will be modified to meet the specific business needs. We believe that the site owners need to have the freedom to manage their own platform and therefore we provide training and documentation for each platform we develop using Hydrogen CMS.

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