Cloud Management

Reduce your costs, increase operational efficiencies at scale and accelerate your business growth.


Consultancy Services


Whether companies are new to cloud services or are already using cloud solutions, we are able to provide consultancy for the cloud specifics starting from high-level overview, evaluation of current infrastructure and going into more specific details.


  • Cloud Options - Azure, AWS, GCP

  • Cloud Portal Basics - How to: Create Account, Manage Subscriptions, Security (Access Control), Dashboard Setup, Portal Elements and Navigation, Resource Management

  • Cloud Services - VMs, Virtual Networks, App Services, Plans/Tiers, Resource Groups, Resources, Storage, Databases

  • Cloud Commercial Management - Billing, Payment Methods, Understanding Invoices / Expenses, Optimizations

  • Cloud Monitoring - Azure Monitor (Application Insights, Log Analytics), Azure Advisor, Service Health, Activity Log, etc.


Cloud Onboarding


We help companies implement a cloud solution in an easy, seamless way, by providing the full development and maintenance lifecycle. Our experts can also provide detailed forecasting of an existing solution and create cloud migration plan.


  • On-premise environment and apps evaluation / GAP analysis

  • Migration Plan

  • Development/Modifications for Cloud compatibility if needed

  • Execution of the Migration Plan

  • Post Migration Monitoring


Cloud IT Support


We offer a wide range of Cloud IT Support services that help you get the most out of your investment, while reducing staff costs.


  • Provision and Manage Virtual Machines

  • Implement an Azure Network Infrastructure - Virtual Networks

  • Manage Azure Active Directory - Azure Identity

  • Implement and Manage Azure Storage

  • Deploy and Manage Azure App Service

  • Provision, Configure and Manage Azure SQL Database

  • Secure and Manage Compliance of Azure Resources

  • Automate Azure Workloads

  • Migrate IaaS Workloads to Azure

  • Cloud Monitoring and Alerts - Azure Monitor (Application Insights, Log Analytics), Azure Advisor, Service Health, Activity Log

  • Manage Azure Office 365




Help companies deliver solutions faster by automating the end-to-end software delivery processes.


  • DevOps portal - connection with Azure Portal – Organizations setup, Projects setup

  • CI/CD - Azure Pipelines setup


Contact us today to learn how you can achieve greater business agility, by implementing cloud solutions to your company.

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