CMS solutions

We provide an array of content management solutions, which we can customize according to the client’s brand identity, products and preferences or create a web design from scratch. Our solutions allow our clients to easily maintain and manage dynamic and vibrant websites without having design or technical expertise.

WordPress: It is quick and easy to implement, especially suitable for presentation websites. With limitless themes, plugins and widgets available ready for use, WordPress offers many possibilities for quickly developing an amazing new website.

Joomla: Based on PHP and one of the most popular CMS, it features all the basic elements for creating a great website, is easy to administer, offers great reliability, has an active community behind it, has numerous free and paid themes available as well as a wide range of additional components and plugins.

Drupal: It is suitable for blogs, internet forums and brochure sites. It is used for everything ranging from simple websites to very complex solutions. It allows integration with various payment systems and existing software.

Umbraco: Developed on .NET technologies, Umbraco is a very popular open source CMS system that offers a simple user interface, is easy to use, offers easy integration and stellar support. It’s also backed by a large community of developers.

Hydrogen: Developed on both PHP and .NET technologies, it is a fully-fledged, smart and innovative content management solution created by Flat Rock Technology. It has extra web 2.0 features such as an integrated blog, SEO enhancements, multi-language support and many more. It is completely flexible and can meet the needs of the even the most complex businesses. .

We can also create a bespoke system that can be tailored to your needs, providing dynamic features and ability to add various logical modules

All of our solutions are optimised to have an easy to use administrative area that includes complete management of the website functions. They are intuitive, based on the latest technology and designed from their inception for higher SEO. We understand that many clients wish to manage their websites by themselves, so we provide training and documentation for each of our projects.

E-Commerce solutions

We provide an array of different solutions that we align with our client’s brand identity, products and any other client specific requirements. The e-commerce systems that we implement or create feature the latest technologies and not only allow you to promote and sell your products effectively but also help you generate a return on investment. Our e-commerce solutions are reinforced by our professional designs and effective online marketing techniques.

We can offer solutions such as:

Magento: It is one of the most commonly used solutions when it comes to ‘off the shelf’ e-commerce solutions. It is based on PHP and has a very strong community that constantly works on creating new add-ons and design themes for it. Feel free to contact us and we will send you the full list of Magento features and free training material.

CS-Cart: This is another popular e-commerce platform, which allows easy administration and provides grounds for further modifications. It is developed in PHP.

VevoCart: A famous e-commerce product in the family of non-open source solutions. It is based on ASP.NET and again it offers a strong community that takes care of the development of various plug-ins and design layouts.

We can also create a bespoke e-commerce system or implement any other out of the box shopping carts, which we can customize specifically for your needs.

We can integrate the system to your existing database and provide the security needed by the integration of SSL certificates.