Mobile technologies have become increasingly popular in the last few years - most people and most companies rely on mobile devices to have fun, exchange messages, play games, provide services and conduct business. Mobile phones have also recently become the primary users of internet traffic and due to their wide availability and ease of use, the demand for mobile application development has grown extensively as well.

Mobile applications nowadays are seen by most businesses as marketing, sales and communication tools, with which they can connect with their customers more easily. Some companies use mobile applications in order to keep track of tasks and manage their business, helping company performance. Gaming generates a large amount of revenue for companies as well, being one of the most popular sources of entertainment nowadays.

We realize the needs of the mobile apps market and develop bespoke native mobile software solutions for:


There is no single person using technology who has not heard of Apple’s products. Millions over the world engage in games, business and communication via their smartphone devices. Having an iOS application allows you you to build a large customer base that you can entertain and service, or update with your latest activities. Flat Rock Technology develops bespoke iOS applications for a large range of industries and audiences.


Swift is an object-oriented programming language created by Apple. It is used for the development of applications for iOS, OS X, and watchOS. Swift is built to avoid erroneous code and to be safer than Objective C. Built with the LLVM compiler framework in Xcode 6, it uses the Objective C runtime, allowing C, Objective C, C++ and Swift to run within a single program.


Android is one of the leading mobile operating systems, featuring hundreds of thousands of applications for a wide range of devices - smartphones, tablets, e-book readers and so on. Flat Rock Technology’s mobile application specialists develop many different types of Android applications ranging from news, videos to GPS location and information apps as well as games. Check regularly our portfolio for the latest additions or contact us for relevant examples.


Java is object-oriented programming language created by Oracle. It is used for the development of applications for Android devices through the Android SDK. Java is a highly functional and simplified language, used to quickly and effortlessly build applications, deriving much of its syntax from C and C++.

Hybrid technology

Apart from native development techniques, our team has also experience in the app development using hybrid technology. This is probably the best choice if you need to quickly develop an app that is simple and does not require much of the operating system’s native services.

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