Social Media Every Business Should Use

You have already your own business and still you are not fully involved in the craze called social media?! It’s time to change that! Let the world get to know you and talk about you. Become an important part of our modern online society. Don’t be shy anymore and reveal who you are and what your mission is.

Nowadays social networks take up a significant part of our life. They have influence on the way we communicate, interact and share information and work. Social networks provide exceptional opportunities to achieve a tremendous growth of your brand.

Here is a list of social networks every business should take advantage of:


Without a doubt there is not such a powerful and significant social network like Facebook. The social platform has had impact on millions of people around the world for the last several years. It’s not strange that Facebook is not only a place where you can interact with your friends and colleagues, but also to market your business.

As soon as you realize how big a role Facebook has on the Internet, you will start building your relationship with customers and target your audience.

Facebook is an irreplaceable part of every successful online marketing strategy.

With its popularity, Facebook ensures your business a better visibility on Internet, access to huge circles of users and a way to share current information related to your brand.


If you thought that LinkedIn is just a place where you can promote your professional skills and look for a job, it’s time to change that attitude because the social network could also help you spread your business online. Linkedin provides you with a lot of free tools for that, so don’t miss the opportunity to market your brand.


Twitter is one of the fastest growing and thriving social media sites in the world with millions of users worldwide who are active every day. Twitter allows you to update your status and the whole world can see what happens to you. Acting on the principle to be followed by people, and you to follow others, and building a good base of faithful followers, your will get a strong online presence.

If you want to target wider audience for your business, don’t be in doubt to use this micro-blogging platform.

Google +

Google+ is relatively new, but a very quickly gaining popularity social network. Daily number of users who use Google + increases significantly and this makes it a suitable tool for the promotion of small and large businesses. The site has some very useful features to promote your company, to increase the traffic to your website and thus generate more sales.


Don’t think that YouTube is only a place for posting funny videos, latest songs, trailers for movies, etc. The most famous video portal in the world can be a good place to advertise your products and services. Don’t be afraid to try because who risks, often wins.


Pinterest is the other social media platform that you should use to promote your brand. In no time since its appearance two years ago, Pinterest attracted people from all over the world. Its popularity attracted not only ordinary users, but also small business and big players, who saw a great way to stay connected with their target audience.

Update with recent infographic:

Irrespective of the size of a firm, social media can be a great platform for increasing the engagement and interaction that businesses have over their followers. Each day, people spend approximately about 20-30 minutes on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Each social media site is quite unique and effective in bringing suitable amount of followers. Do you know that 42% of online businesses find Facebook vital for the success of the business? Even various researches exist which show that 93% of the popular brands use Instagram for their business. Just check out the given Infographic to know more –

Social Media 101 For Business - Factosocial

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Dilyana Kotomanova is a freelance copywriter, blogger and content writer focusing on topics connected to social media, SEO, new technologies and online networking. She was kind enough to share some of her experience and provide us with a guest post on the topic of social media.


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