• The Main Reasons to Outsource

    Have you ever been faced with the dilemma whether to hire a new company employee or to use outsourcing as a solution? From our experience we believe that in some cases it is more suitable to use outsourcing. Mainly when you need to add resources to current or new projects.

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  • The Logic of Outsourcing

    There are many advantages to outsourcing web applications, especially to a cutting-edge web development company.

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  • Efficiency and Innovation

    IT outsourcing means better efficiency and innovation for most small and medium sized companies. It is as simple as that. When it comes to the IT sector, new technologies develop so fast that for a company whose core business focus is elsewhere, it is impossible to maintain an IT department that covers all competencies needed […]

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  • IT Outsourcing Facts

    In a series of short entries, we would like to present to you some trends and facts of the IT outsourcing environment in 2011. Today we start with some findings of the Gartner Group Survey and some general facts about the current IT climate.

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  • IT Outsourcing Values

    In the second part of our IT Outsourcing Trends series, we are looking at some of the criteria for successful outsourcing partnerships. The Outsourcing Center holds the annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards and performs a study of the award winners to identify current IT Outsourcing best practices and trends – both the clients and the outsourcing vendors.

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  • IT Outsourcing and Cost Savings – Start Here!

    It is a known fact that IT costs can (in most cases) be reduced when IT functions are outsourced on a contract basis. This is an indisputable business reality nowadays. Many organizations have taken the tactics of “do what you do best (your core business) and outsource the rest” and implement it within the IT/IS services […]

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