The Transformation of E-commerce in 2016

By Polina, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

The E-commerce industry has had a long journey so far and despite the rumours that its momentum will halt at some stage, it is still rapidly evolving and does not plan to stop surprising us. We will witness trends, some of which are hard to predict, but they will accompany us through the whole 2016.

1. Videos and awesome huge images replace the home page

Have you noticed that recently most e-commerce landing pages resemble more e-magazines, rather than an actual shop? Browsing has become so visual that nowadays most platforms rely entirely on the principle “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And let’s not forget the videos. It is rare to find a website without video instructions of how to use a product or random inspiration coming out of the company employees.

2. Checkout process

Checkout process has never been so easy. Online retailers are constantly investing in ways to simplify and automate the checkout process starting from social networks authentication, through removal of the unnecessary form fields to Google Maps address autocomplete. With the emerging power of the e-commerce and services such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay and PayPal One Touch, paying has become so simple and quick, that it is hard to remember the days when filling out long checkout forms was а daily routine.

3. iBeacon technology

Online and offline technologies have started working together side by side. Physical stores start implementing iBeacons, which send mobile deals and personalized recommendations, once you walk into the store. The messages are transmitted using Bluetooth technology.

4. Social selling

Social media has been a vital part of the e-commerce experience for some time now. The difference this year is that it becomes the default starting point for the retail journey. Imagine how many people are on Pinterest right now, pinning various products to their boards and being redirected to the actual online stores, where they can purchase the collected goods. Simple and easy, right? What has been previously thought as an extra in the company’s marketing strategy, has now become a necessary ingredient for the digital success of the store.

Those trends show us a bright future where customers will be able to quickly find and purchase products – everything that the industry has ever strived for. But with all the simplicity comes the greatest challenge of meeting the high set customer expectations and the ability to quickly adapt to the changing market.

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