What You Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the leading social media, which has attracted millions of users around the world, along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This relatively new social network grabbed our attention with its interesting concept and tools for collecting, categorizing, organising and sharing different kind of information that could be find on the Internet.

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How everything began

Created and developed by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, Pinterest was released for the first time online in December 2010. An important role for the development of the website played also Scott Belskie from Behance, who was the first investor in the company.

In reality, Pinterest is very similar to the biggest players on the Internet such as Facebook and Twitter. But its light design, easy to navigate layout and useful features make Pinterest extremely welcomed by users.

Pinterest is a website that allows users to “pin” (save) any information on the Internet they find useful and interesting. Then the users are able to collect it in different categories such as travels, cars, humour, sport, fashion, etc. They also can follow other users on Pinterest who share the same tastes and interests like them.

Up to date the website has over 450 million users, and meanwhile its popularity continues to grow. Nowadays this is one of the largest social networks in the world.

What is the main idea?

Pinterest is a bookmarking site, which allows users to pin images, videos and other information online and to organise it in categories or boards for later use or share it with other users. Part of the features that the social networks include are following other users, sharing their content, posting comments and tagging. Moreover, Pinterest has an easy integration with Facebook and Twitter and real time updates for the activity of the users that you follow.

In a few words, Pinterest is an interactive site where you can find inspiration and other people who share your interests.

How it works

* The first step is either to request an invitation directly from Pinterest or to be invited by a friend. You will receive it at your email address in less than 12 hours. After that you should just click on the link provided in the email to create your account.

* You can choose to register via email address but you can also to sign up through Facebook or Twitter. If you decide to register via Facebook or Twitter, all your information from the social networks will be transferred to your Pinterest account.

* When you finish with the registration process, you can move forward and select your interests.

* The next step is to create your own boards. These boards are the place where you pin images, videos and content, which represent your interests and tastes.

* Fill out the section about you. There is a space to provide more information about yourself, your website and location.

Now you can start pinning, following others and sharing with them!

Tips to increase your popularity on the social network

* Add very brief and useful information about your brand in the space provided. Let the people know who you are and what your mission is.

* If your business has Facebook and Twitter accounts, don’t miss out to link them to your Pinterest profile. Be smart and take advantage of the popularity of these social networks.

* Be active on Pinterest. That means to pin regularly, to repin, to follow others and like their boards. Encourage your audience to do the same with your content.

* Put a “Pin it“ button on your blog or product pages. You can use that option even if you don’t have an account on Pinterest.

* Include a Pinterest icon on your website. In that way users will know that you are involved in the social network and could follow you there.

Did you know that:

– over 80% of the Pinterest active users are women

– the social network has approximately 1.5 million visitors daily

– over 50% of its users are between 25 and 50 years old

– Pinterest is the third most popular social media, after Facebook and Twitter

– Pinterest beats Facebook regarding the average time users spend daily on the website. Usually users spend almost 16.5 minutes watching videos on YouTube, 16 minutes looking for inspiration on Pinterest, and only 12 minutes checking their Facebook profile.

About the author:

Dilyana Kotomanova is a freelance copywriter, blogger and content writer focusing on topics connected to social media, SEO, new technologies and online networking. She was kind enough to share some of her experience and provide us with a guest post on the topic of social networks.


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