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Keep your team working securely, from anywhere!

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses around the world. Due to the spread of the Covid-19 companies have to face the challenge of working remotely. Today, we see the importance of staying connected with the customers to keep running the business as usual. Also, we understand the necessity of maintaining regular communication with employees to help each other go through this hard time.   

The sudden change from office life to working from home has not been easy. Therefore, some companies are still struggling to implement the WFH plan and work effectively. While we all wish to go back to our normal office lives as soon as possible, we might have to keep some form of social distancing for a long time. Hence, it is important to be able to adapt to the new reality quickly and confidently. It can only be done with the proper remote connection and security.  

At Flat Rock Technology we put a series of measurements to make remote work successful. It has helped us to keep business as usual, maintain the quality, and flexibility that is needed to be successful today. Now we want to help other companies do the same too. 

For this, we started offering the new IT services. In addition to this, we designed an IT support kit that contains the best WFH practices. Our IT services and IT Kit are for the businesses of every size, that need help in establishing good WFH practice. If you are still struggling to work remotely, our solutions will help you work effectively and securely from anywhere.    

Our IT services will help you go fully remote


Does not matter how big your company is and which industry you are working in, you still need proper remote connection and tools. It is important to have them even when you are working from the office. But it is especially crucial when you are working remotely. While you might be working from home for some time, you still need to take time and re-evaluate your remote connection, security solutions and success of them. 

If you do not have a proper connection and tools in place, you might face a lot of challenges. They can make the quality of your work poor and unreliable.  


Technical services  


Our technical services will help you find the weaklings of your remote connection, help you set up the tools you need for successful work and more.  Based on your needs you can request one, or several of them and our IT specialist will provide the necessary services.  


Remote connection    

If you still do not have a proper remote connection our team will help you establish and maintain it to your network infrastructure. As a result, your team will be able to start working securely, from anywhere with your digital workplace.   


VPN access  

Does your company need VPN access? Our team will provide VPN setup and ongoing administration so you can have access to your physical network anytime you need it! Your team will be able to get secure access and start working instantly.    


Tools installation   

We will advise the necessary tools that will help your team to work efficiently and effectively based on your company needs. Our service includes installing, configuring and maintaining the necessary tools for successful remote work:   

  • remote connection   
  • efficient collaboration   
  • real-time communication    
  • video meetings   
  • Presentation   
  • file sharing and more! 
Backup solutions    

Wherever you are working from, you should not have to worry about losing your documents, files or your important knowledge. We will keep them all securely on the cloud. Does not matter if you work from the office, or home, our backup solutions will help you keep the important information safe.  

Security Services  


If your connection is not secure enough, your remote work is not as successful as it might seem. Security is the number one concern when you are working remotely. We will ensure that your company has a secure connection, files and customer information safe.    

  • Security audit: Our experts will make a security audit of your network configuration and help you have stronger security.    
  • Network security: We will customize the best security solution for you, As a result, you will stay protected everywhere, anytime.    
  • Endpoint security: Our solution includes all of the network's components. We will help you strengthen your network security by protecting your network endpoints.    

Our experts will work with your company to establish a secure remote connection. If you have weaklings in your remote connection, your team might not be able to be effective. You can easily eliminate all issues by addressing them at an early stage, and we will help you with it!


Dedicated Specialists 


We provide the service of the dedicated specialists to the companies that need it. With this service, you will be able to resolve various issues all together and have a specialist devoted to your company. We offer: 

  • System administrator: Dedicated system administrator will provide the full technical support your company might need. It includes setting up and maintaining company infrastructure. 
  • IT support specialist: Our IT support specialist will analyze your remote connection and work on optimizing it. The service includes ongoing support and consultancy. 
  • Cybersecurity expert: With this service, your company will get dedicated cybersecurity expert that will help you find the best security solutions for your company. 


Consultancy services

When you are starting working remotely, it is very important to make smart decisions. We will provide the consultancy services that will help you establish an efficient and cost-effective remote connection. Our experts will provide consultancy on domain-specific remote work issues, tools and platforms, your technical needs, the cost for equipment systems and more! with our consultancy services, you will not make the wrong decision. You will set your company for success from the very beginning!  


Get a free consultation now!

If you are searching for the best solutions for your remote work, this is the best time! Learn more about our services and request a free consultation! Our IT experts will provide all the necessary information and help you find the best solutions for your needs.  


Set up a remote connection with our readily available IT packages.  


Many companies are very new to the concept of remote work. They suffer the most with the current situation. Hence, guidance, cost-efficiency and quick adaptation are important for the success of their business. Especially for such companies, our IT team has prepared readily available packages for purchase. These packages include all the necessary technical support and tools that your company might need for successful work. 

Based on the needs and the size of the company we offer 4 different packages. With the smallest package your company will be able to get: 

  • Remote access 
  • Security audit 
  • MS package for working remotely 
  • MS Teams and OneDrive 
  • Full remote support.  

The other packages include additional services such as VPN access, 24/7 remote support and recovery policy. 

Remote work assistance

The biggest benefit of this service is that you have an opportunity to decide which package is the best for you and purchase it immediately. It is the most comprehensive, flexible and quick solution you can get for going remote successfully. Shortly after purchasing the package, your team will be able to work securely anywhere and anytime!  


Set up a remote connection in 24 hours! 

If you want to set up your remote connection in 24 hours, find the packages for immediate purchase and buy the most suitable one for your company. Our IT consultant will contact you right after the purchase and guide you through the process.  


Can't decide? Contact us for more information 


If you are not sure which IT service or which remote connection package is the best for your company do not worry! Contact us for more information, consultation or guidance. Our team will shortly get back to you and help you make the right decision! 



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