• We provide a complete suite of software solutions tailored to your business.

    We are focused on helping clients, across all sectors and industries.

    • Finance
    • Education
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Real Estate
    • Insurance
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Recruitment
    • Distribution
  • Transforming brilliant ideas into bespoke software solutions for leading companies

    We have helped startups and enterprises to meet their business objectives

  • Trusted tech partner working with a wide range of latest technologies.


    • PHP
    • .NET
    • Python
    • Laravel
    • API
    • RestAPI
    • Symfony

    Mobile Apps

    • iOS
    • Android
    • Xamarin


    • Angular
    • Vue.js
    • React


    • Wordpress
    • Umbraco
    • Drupal
    • Sitecore


    • Magento
    • CS-Cart
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce


    • Azure
    • AWS
    • GCP


We cover all phases – from research, through implementation, to support. Whatever you need - we've got you covered.

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We take pride in each one of our projects. Check out some of our latest works.

Partnerships and Accreditations

Our processes ensure that our services are aligned with the industry standards.


What our clients say about us.

  • Top Task Quote

    “I have been in business for 20 years, and they are the best team I have worked with. They work quickly and efficiently and produce some very effective technology. From my experience, they are spot-on.”

    Gregory Newman

    Managing Director

  • Lex Van Dam Quote

    “They're the most reliable, knowledgeable team of experts I've ever encountered. They're also humble, which makes them an absolute pleasure to work with. We always work out a reasonable solution together.”

    Neria Konrad

    Chief Global Strategist

  • Brompton Quote

    „Flat Rock Technology has been a long-standing, reliable supplier for us and I would also say that their team is skilled and talented. There is a high degree of professionalism and they always go the extra mile to complete a task.“

    Duncan Minchin

    Head of Digital Technology

  • Wilbury Stratton Quote

    “They are responsive to our feedback, work quickly to implement changes and do their best to meet our needs. They send us weekly reports and always make sure we understand what they are working on. We appreciate their level of engagement.”

    Amelia Green

    Marketing Associate

  • MRH Retail Quote

    “They're very competent and do an excellent job. They delivered everything we had requested on time and on budget and we were very happy with the results. If we had any issues during the testing phase, they addressed them quickly.”

    Marcos Costa

    Project Manager

  • BookAclassic Quote

    “They’re quick to respond and willing to help in any way they can. We have a team at our disposal and their range of different skills make it possible for us to do things we couldn’t do before.”

    Claus Christensen


  • BookAclassic Quote

    They have the expertise, the knowledge, and the people, and they“ve done a fantastic job so far, so we“ll continue to use them on future phases.

    Lior Koskas



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