Customer Relationship Management – The Future of the Business Management

by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is business solution software, which helps businesses increase the number of their clients. The CRM allows the client to manage and organize the information and the whole process in the different sales phases, until the deal is closed. Nowadays, CRM has a significant and vital role in every business environment.

Why businesses need CRM

CRM collects together all information from all storage data in your business environment. It allows the employees to make better and more effective decisions. CRM focuses on the entire employee structure in the company environment. Before CRM existed, every company with a lot of different departments analyzed the customer information separately and often the results didn’t bring maximum profits for the organization. It takes a lot of time and resources to research the whole information. But CRM collects everything and centralizes the whole information in a particular organization. Everything becomes easy and indeed yields better results.

Some people don’t know what exactly a standard CRM is. They don’t know what the benefits of using such a system are. Most of the people think that the CRM is useful only for the high management level but this is not quite so, because CRM allows operation from every structure in one small, medium or large-sized organization. The working environment and decision management is much easier, because of the many CRM features. These days the implementation of CRM such as Eshbel’s Priority CRM or even “Sugar CRM” has to become a habit for most of the business organizations worldwide. This is one of the most important management strategies if you want to optimize the company service or manufacture.

The CRM system has many different features and functions, based on a particular business requirement. We would like to share the most common of them, which a separate CRM system will be able to do for the business strategy and management.

Some of the most important features, included in a standard CRM are:

→ Data Centralization

→ Optimized customer service

→ Easy access to the company information

→ Better marketing strategy

→ Reporting

1. CRM allows centralization of the whole company data

The access to the company information will be easy and every participant will have access to it.

2. While using a CRM, the employees will have the opportunity to make better and scalable decisions

All participants in the organization can receive reports, check immediately all sales activities and other important information, which is vital for the company business operations. If you have access to this information, the chances for success are much higher and the management will be able to undertake better management strategies.

3. Better customer service

CRM allows storage of a detailed information, order history, mails, issues and feedback. This service gives an opportunity for a faster and more reliable management. Your employees can focus on other important issues in the organization, because they already have saved time using the CRM.

4. Have access to information any time

If the company uses a particular CRM to manage its operations, it means that the employees, management and all participants will have access to the information at any time. This creates trust and makes the company processes and operations transparent for every customer, who is using the company services and products.

5. Better marketing opportunity

The use of a CRM allows your company to have a clear information and expectation for every single client. The company pipeline can be optimized and the business development team can focus on those prospective clients who seem to be potential for further sales.

6. Easy and trustworthy report and customer service

The Customer Relationship Management has another very existing tool, i.e. very good reporting features. The company can check the customer expectations: what they look for, what they actually buy and what they are really not interested in from your products and services. This is a real time monitoring, which can help you update your products and give you yet another option to increase your sales and profits.

7. More and more profit for your business

With a CRM, your company can only win and increase the profits. CRM has a lot of advantages and we have described only the most common of them. If you implement a CRM system into your business organization, your departments will be managed more efficiently and for sure this will help all operations in your business environment.

What does my CRM need to contain in order to suit better my business model?

Choosing an appropriate CRM, which will fit into your business environment, is a top priority question. You will make a substantial investment and need to choose the most reliable system. This choice is critical for your business.

If you really want CRM, you need to choose it based on the following features and advantages:

→ The CRM allows you to collect the most reliable leads;

→ The CRM will make the sales process more effective and in addition the customer management will be much more stronger and responsible;

→ Create an individual business relationships with existing and potential company clients and improve the customer satisfactions and requirements;

→ The CRM offers a better customer service and meanwhile the company can create customer loyalty and customer profit;

In conclusion, we want to remind you that the choice of a reliable CRM, which will fit your business, is a very hard test. That is why most of the business owners work closely with CRM specialists. These consultants can optimize all specific business requirements and will find the best option according to your organization. If someone wants to implement CRM, they need to have deep knowledge of the specific software system. If you have the right consultant and integrate the best CRM, this will bring a lot of benefits for your business and will improve your sales strategy. In order the company to be competitive with the other players on the market, CRM integration is absolutely necessary.

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