Staff Augmentation

Flat Rock Technology offers the perfect outsourcing solution for clients that require greater production forces quickly for their developing business or want to have a flexible, low-risk option for cutting costs, while receiving quality work. Access a team of proficient software engineers for your web, mobile and software development projects or have data auditors and business analysts do the hard work for you. Scale your staff however you wish and receive quality employees that you manage.

Choose the number of specialists you’d like to have dedicated as well as the skills you desire for your project, then employ them on a monthly basis. Our experts will work exclusively for you and you can remotely manage them during the whole period you need them. This way you can enlarge your team without incurring any risk or long-term commitment while at the same time being extremely flexible. You can choose the specific experts you need and monitor their work process to be completely aligned with your in-house team members.

Open Source Developers

  • PHP/MySQL developers
  • Database developers
  • Java developers
  • Python/Django developers

Microsoft ASP.NET Developers

By using our dedicated Microsoft ASP.NET developers, you will have access to our knowledge and experience, making our development skills your own. That is a sure method of gaining the competitive advantage in your industry. Flat Rock Technology is a Certified Microsoft Partner, following the best industry practices and procedures.

Some of the services that our Microsoft ASP.NET developers excel at include web development, e-commerce, content management systems, desktop applications and services, intranet and extranet systems.

UX/UI аnd Design

Outsourcing your design to Flat Rock Technology can transform your ideas into beautiful reality. We create commercially powerful solutions for businesses of all industries, giving our clients easy and immediate access to a broad range of people who have an extensive experience in design.

Some of the services that our designers excel at include design for web and e-commerce solutions, content management systems, desktop and mobile applications, CRM solutions, intranet and extranet systems. Our designers can also do creative retouching, logo, interactive and responsive design.

  • UX specialists
  • Web designers
  • Front-end developers

Mobile Developers

Flat Rock Technology offers access to a wide range of experienced mobile development specialists. Our expert developers create Android and iOS applications for businesses from a large range of industries. The skills of our qualified outsourcing team cover a wide area of competencies.

  • iOS developers
  • Android developers

Quality Assurance Specialists

Flat Rock Technology offers excellent dedicated QA specialists to all companies that need help with testing and gives access to extensive knowledge regarding quality assurance. Tools we use include Fiddler, JMeter, Postman, Selenium, etc.

  • Functional and manual testers
  • Automation testers


Flat Rock Technology offers excellent BPO opportunities to companies who’d like to grow their business or cut costs yet receive quality work, perhaps racing to finish certain projects or are in need of a way to receive work that’s low-risk and completely flexible.

  • Business analysts
  • Data management specialists – Mappers, Auditors, Analysts
  • Content writers
  • Customer support representatives